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KBS launches staff mental health service

Korean public broadcaster KBS has launched a new counseling and psychological service for its employees.

Introduced on 1 July, the staff counseling programme aims to identify and manage a range of work-related psychological issues, provide stepped-up mental health care with specialist occupational support and boost mental health and wellbeing for those working for KBS.

The new programme will particularly focus on serving those KBS staff who have developed serious mental health problems such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and require professional help.

There may be various factors at KBS that could contribute to psychological stress, anxiety, distress and trauma. KBS is also aware that its employees may experience a range of negative emotional reactions and psychological injuries as a result of their duties and commitment to KBS.

KBS will collaborate with the Korea Employee Assistance Programme Association to offer professional psychological support, including structured, confidential counselling online or in person.

Each member of staff can access the service up to five times at either KBS or a designated public health centre through a prior appointment.