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Call for more Pacific stories on Asiavision

Asiavision members from Vanuatu to Turkmenistan were represented at the 2022 Asiavision Coordinators’ meeting.

The current chair of the ABU News Group and the Director of News at the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), Indra Singh, told the meeting that Asiavision is a cost-effective way for small members to access international news for their bulletins.

He also highlighted the unique strength of Asiavision at a time when there is growing global awareness of the strategic importance of the Pacific.

Mr Singh called for more co-operation among Pacific members.

ABU News will organise a meeting of Pacific members to discuss opportunities to collaborate and exchange more stories.

Stevenson Liu, the Head of News at the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) and President of the Vanuatu Media Association, gave an overview of the stories of interest to Pacific audiences, including climate change and COVID-19.

He also talked about rebuilding newsroom operations in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions and operational changes.

The 2022 Coordinators meeting, held online on Wednesday July 20, included a discussion on recent changes to make it easier for producers to select stories relevant to their audiences.