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Sri Lanka’s Maharaja group announces 2 top promotions

Sri Lanka’s Capital Maharaja Group, which runs MTV/MBC Channels, has announced two top appointments.

Nedra Weerasinghe and S.C. Weerasekera (both pictured standing), who were already Group Directors, have both been appointed Group Director/Chief Operating Officer.

Ms Weerasinghe will helm the group’s Industrial and Retail hub and Mr Weerasekera the Strategic Business hub.

The CMG Chairman, Sashi Rajamahendran, said the two had served the group with panache and had handled two of the most important business hubs over the past several years.

“We believe the specific portfolios assigned to them under the new positions will give them the impetus to further grow the business.”

The group’s media company is also being restructured to ensure better clarity and focus in the news and entertainment business.

Chevaan Daniel, who is currently the Group Director in charge of News First, will also now provide leadership to MTV Channel Ltd.

MTV Channel Ltd is the premier private television network in Sri Lanka. MBC Networks Ltd owns and operates five FM radio channels in three languages.

MTV/MBC Channels also operates the News First organisation, which broadcasts news on the group’s TV and radio channels as well as news websites and social media platforms.