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ABU at 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Birmingham 2022, the XXII Commonwealth Games, kicked off on 28 July with an opening ceremony celebrating the multiculturalism of both the city and the Commonwealth. The international multi-sporting event will run until 8 August.

The ABU, one of the official rights-holding broadcasters of the Games, will serve three Commonwealth members in Southeast Asia – Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. The ABU Sports team is producing the live television broadcast signal for these countries from the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) in Birmingham.

ABU Sports Director Cai Yanjang says production is being tailored, focusing on athletes and sports catering to the need of these three countries. Sports selection is based on the specific requirement of these members.

The production at the IBC is managed by a team of experienced broadcast professionals led by John West from New Zealand. The team has been involved in all major ABU productions including the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in the past.

The ABU also acquired the rights for other Commonwealth nations in Southeast Asia. During the last Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast in 2018, ABU put up a similar production.

For the next two weeks athletes from around the Commonwealth will compete for medals across a range of sports including athletics, cycling, swimming, badminton, diving, basketball and much more.