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Inner Mongolia aims to boost film and TV industries

(Photo: China Daily)

As an effort to boost local film and TV industries, the Inner Mongolia Film Group has announced plans to establish an industry strategic development committee, the China Daily reports.

The group is the largest of its kind in China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Its move aims to raise the quantity and quality of movies and TV programmes in the region, as well as expand the share of local movies and TV dramas in the national market.

Statistics from the group show that its flagship arm Inner Mongolia Film Studio, founded in 1958, has produced more than 170 drama movies and over 150 news documentaries as well as translated 2,000-plus movies into the Mongolian language.

So far, the movies have won more than 120 awards in domestic and international events, such as the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Golden Rooster Awards.

Over recent years, the region has endeavored to raise its presence in China’s rapidly expanding movie industry, cooperating with leading studios to produce a string of blockbusters, including The Battle at Lake Changjin franchise.

Ren Zhonglun, vice-chairman of the China Film Association, said the Inner Mongolian region had been a leader in the creation of ethnic group-themed movies in the country.