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Macau and media group CMG start new round of cooperation

China Media Group and the Macau Special Administrative Region government began a new round of cooperation on 15 August.

Four shows about Macau were released at the launch ceremony, held simultaneously in Beijing and Macau. They featured tourism, aerial photography, delicacies and the historic urban area of Macau, using CMG’s 5G, 4K, 8K and AI technology.

An agreement on the CMG sports channel was signed online, enabling the people of Macau to continue to watch it. The two sides also launched a cooperation list to further improve collaboration on holding sporting events.

CMG President Shen Haixiong said CMG had done well in telling the stories of Macau and would continue to integrate ideas, art and technology.

In July 2021, Macau and CMG signed a partnership to provide a bigger platform for higher education institutions in Macau to enhance their academic programmes in communication and to train more professionals in the field.