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Pakistan and its national radio celebrate 75 years

The Director General of Radio Pakistan, Sohail Ali Khan, has extended heartfelt congratulations to all Pakistanis on the country’s Independence Day.

In a video message marking 75 years of independence on 14 August, he noted that the country and Radio Pakistan had come into being on the same day. The network was established on 14 August 1947, following Pakistan’s independence from Britain.

He said history had witnessed the role Radio Pakistan had played in helping solve economic, political and administrative problems in the country’s early years.

When Pakistan was established there had been only three radio stations, he said. There were now 32, representing the voice of the entire nation.

Mr Sohail Ali Khan said there was no doubt Radio Pakistan remained the largest, fastest, most effective and cheapest of mass media, reaching areas where there was no access to other media.

He said the broadcaster was now using social media platforms effectively, with about 3 million followers on Facebook and about one million Twitter followers.

It also had large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube and had recently introduced podcasts that were appreciated all over the world.