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Al Jazeera holds vigils to remember Shireen Abu Akleh

The broadcaster Al Jazeera has held solidarity vigils to remember its reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who was assassinated 100 days ago while covering Israeli army raids in the West Bank.

Al Jazeera held vigils at its headquarters in Doha and across its offices around the world. Ms Abu Akleh was shot and killed on 11 May.

It called on international human rights and press freedom organisations, governments, journalists, and influencers to focus efforts on 18 August by demanding justice for Ms Abu Akleh and accountability for her killers.

Al Jazeera and others have accused Israeli military forces of killing the journalist, who was shot while wearing a blue vest with ‘PRESS’ written on it.

Investigations by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and several news organisations concluded that fire from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) was the most likely cause of her death.

Israel for its part said an investigation had found it was possible she had been killed by either IDF fire or Palestinian fire.

As part of its global campaign to bring to justice those responsible for the killing, Al Jazeera has mobilised international legal experts to submit a case file to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.