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KBS President becomes head of Korean Broadcasters Association

(Photo: KBS)

Kim Eui-chul, President and CEO of Korean public broadcaster KBS, has taken up the position of Chairman of the Korean Broadcasters Association.

Mr Kim began his two-year term as Chairman on 1 August after being elected at the association’s General Meeting in April.

In his inauguration speech, Mr Kim said: “Terrestrial broadcasters have demonstrated unwavering commitment to essential public services, which have been fundamental to upholding democracy and diversity in our society.

“I’m proud that our free, universal broadcast services have been the major contributing factor to this invaluable achievement.

“Public media is dealing with political and economic challenges. I shall do my best to enhance and maintain public trust towards terrestrial networks. I’m sure our KBA member broadcasters will continue to share the same commitment to public service values.”

Mr Kim has been President and CEO of KBS since 10 December 2021. He joined KBS as a journalist in 1990 and is leading the broadcaster for a three-year term.