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ABU distributes 2022 Islamic Solidarity Games to 7 countries

(Photo: TRT)

The 5th Islamic Solidarity Games ended in the Turkish city of Konya on 18 August. The event, held under the aegis of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation, was organised by the Turkish Olympic Federation.

The Games saw fierce competition among more than 4,200 athletes from 56 Islamic countries over more than a week. The ABU collaborated with TRT, its full member, and distributed the Games to seven members for free.

These were Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia and Uzbekistan. Some members aired the Games live, while others covered them on a delayed basis or in the news. The ABU Sports Director said this had helped to achieve wider coverage and exposure of the Games.

Türkiye dominated the competition, bagging the highest number of gold, silver and bronze medals. Uzbekistan clinched second spot.

The Games, which were supposed to take place in 2021, were rescheduled because of the pandemic. The 6th Islamic Solidarity Games will be staged in Cameroon in 2025.