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Praise for Indonesian child-friendly radio and TV programmes

(Photo: Antara)

The quality and appeal of child-friendly broadcast programmes in Indonesia are improving, the deputy chairperson of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, has said.

At a press conference in Jakarta to mark the 2022 Child-Friendly Broadcasting Awards (APRA), Mr Purnomo (pictured) said the number of television stations broadcasting child-friendly programmes had also increased, Antara news agency reports.

Ten out of the 18 television stations monitored by KPI were running child and family programmes, he said. The KPI was proud of the increasing number of programmes since the public had often complained about the lack of programmes for children and families made by television stations.

He said family programmes could become a medium to educate the community on fostering their children, he said.

For the awards, KPI received 102 children’s programmes from 10 television stations and 54 programmes from 54 radio stations throughout Indonesia. The awards included a category for radio fairy tales, won by RRI Bogor.

See here for the full list of winners and nominees.