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Radio Pakistan launches special flood relief services

(Photo: Radio Pakistan)

Radio Pakistan has launched special services to help people affected by the floods that have devastated the country.

It has introduced a special transmission for live callers to help those hit by the flooding, which has killed at least 1,136 people since June. Donors and representatives of NGOs are also taking part in the transmission.

The public broadcaster has also launched an emergency SMS service. Victims in need of any type of help can send messages on its SMS service, 4471. It forwards these messages to relevant departments for relief and rescue work.

The initiatives came at the directive of the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Marriyum Aurangzeb. She asked the public broadcaster to set up flood relief cells at its headquarters in Islamabad and its offices across the country.

The aim is to ensure the headquarters and regional stations play an active and effective role in the ongoing rescue and relief operations.

The floods have left a deadly trail of havoc across Pakistan, washing away homes, crops and roads. The Climate Change Minister, Sherry Rehman, said one-third of the country had been completely submerged.