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Prasar Bharati’s digital wing joins hands with Amazon

Prasar Bharati News Services (PBNS), the digital wing of India’s public broadcaster Prasar Bharati, has joined hands with Amazon Inc.’s cloud computing arm Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its network.

PB said the move would give its digital service the reliability and scalability to distribute news across the nation at speed, constantly updating audiences with trusted information, even during peak periods.

Before moving to AWS, PBNS hosted its applications with a co-location IT provider, which it said caused performance and availability issues, such as website downtime and disrupted video streaming. This significantly affected the distribution of news and the audience experience, it said.

“At Prasar Bharati News Services, we have a responsibility to provide timely and accurate news. We inform and educate the public about India’s development and cultural diversity,” said Samir Kumar, Head of PBNS.

PBNS offers news and entertainment programmes to over 894 million viewers and listeners through 240 live radio channels across 190 countries.