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Korea’s KBS provides emergency typhoon coverage

(Photo: KBS)

Korean public broadcaster KBS demonstrated its commitment to emergency broadcasting when super typhoon Hinnamnor affected the Korean peninsula from 5 September.

As the nation’s primary public service media organisation, KBS delivered high quality emergency broadcasting with the goal of minimising loss of life and property from the strongest tropical storm of the year.

KBS suspended all its regular programmes on KBS TV1 and carried out 24-hour, continuous emergency broadcasting when Hinnamnor hit the country’s southern and eastern coasts on 5 September, causing intense rainfall and severe flooding.

Hinnamnor left at least 11 people dead, including seven who died after being trapped in an underground car park in the city of Pohang. It destroyed roads and power lines and damaged houses.

KBS vowed to continue its full commitment to its essential public mission as the country’s leading emergency broadcasting service in the event of future disasters.