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ABU at ASBU News meeting

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) has held its annual News Committee meeting in Tunis.

The meeting discussed the key ingredients of crisis coverage, the importance of avoiding hyperbole and generalisations, the use of labels to categorise people, and the value of solutions-based journalism.

The meeting was attended by the ABU’s Director of News, Deborah Steele. 

Deborah updated ASBU members on developments at ABU News and spoke about the importance of planning and preparation in crisis coverage.

She also initiated measures to improve access to ASBU stories by Asiavision members, including coverage of the COP conference in Cairo in November.

Asiavision shared 572 ASBU stories in 2021. The key ASBU members for Asiavision were in Lebanon, Iraq,  Syria and Tunisia.

Ahmad Al Achkar, Head of the ASBU news department