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Sony unveils vision for the future of media

Sony has announced a series of new products and solutions that support its vision of Architecting the Future of Media.

This new direction for Sony rests on three propositions that it says will shape the future of the content industry and continue to fill the world with excitement.

Sony will bring new technologies to life enabling Production Anywhere at Any Scale through IP for industry player, with a growing focus on sustainability.

This strategy will rest on three pillars developed by Sony: Creators’ Cloud, Networked Live and Connected Content Acquisition.

Olivier Bovis, Head of Media Solutions, Sony Europe, said: “When we look at the future of the content industry, with the explosion of content channels and demand of the recent years in mind, we know we need to move away from one size fits all products and move towards a building block solution strategy, where we introduce ecosystems that are highly modular at every step of the production chain.

“This modularity is the key for customer to deliver on their business and sustainability goals.”

For more details see here.