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All India Radio upgrades its stations with new consoles

Spanish-based systems provider AEQ and its partner in India, Falcon Technologies, have won a major tender for the supply and installation of 100 consoles to All India Radio.

AEQ has been awarded the project to supply digital consoles for three types of studios, all of them with IP connectivity, in more than 33 cities throughout India.

After more than three months of evaluation, complicated by the pandemic, AIR’s technical management selected AEQ for the job. Each station will have new consoles for transmission, switching and dubbing.

All were programmed from the AEQ factory with the configuration requested by the AIR technicians, which included special functions, programmable keys, and work modes where the console of one of the studios interacted with the consoles of the other two.

Being able to create and test these configurations at the factory has greatly simplified the installation process on site and the training courses, AEQ says.