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FBC documentary wins Vision Pasifika Media Award 2022

Favian Randerath of Fijian Broadcasting Corporation has won the top prize in the TV Category and the Overall Prize in the 2022 Vision Pasifika Media Awards.

His winning documentary, ‘Rising Tides – Precious Lives’, tells the harsh reality of a vulnerable island population strongly affected by the rise in sea levels.

Villages have tried for a long time to battle the rising tides and even the graves of their ancestors are now 50m away from the shore, buried by the currents of the Pacific Ocean.

The documentary focuses on the human side and what villagers, especially women, go through daily, with many aspects of their lives affected, even fearing for the safety of their children on the way to school.

The documentary is a part of the DRR co-production between 20 members of the ABU and the African Union of Broadcasting. It was conducted under Phase 2 of the WBU/UNDRR Media Saving Lives Initiative, which was launched in 2020.

The Head of the Secretary-General’s Office at the ABU, Natalia Ilieva, who is also the Project Manager of the WBU/UNDRR Media Saving Lives Initiative, said: “It is wonderful to see that the efforts of the members of the WBU are bearing fruits.

“The DRR co-production was in Phase 2 but the capacity of the documentary makers was enhanced during Phase 1 when we offered online courses and mentoring. Fabian’s story is really moving and very well told and a great example of media promoting solutions.”

Mr Randerath, Team Leader Innovation and Creative Content at FBC, said: “I am elated that my story, which was part of a project by the ABU, has resonated with the judges.

“Winning this prize motivates me to continue to push harder to improve my craft, especially covering these topics that are so relevant in a time of increased clime crises around us.

“Thanks again also to my CEO Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and TV Manager Vinal Raj who have allowed me to participate in several trainings and supported me all the way. And of course, many thanks to the ABU, UNDRR and UNESCO.”