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Al Jazeera MD highlights threats to crisis journalism

The Managing Director of Al Jazeera English, Giles Trendle, says attacks on journalists and media organisation are one of the greatest challenges facing international crisis journalism.

In a video address to the Global News Forum in New Delhi, Mr Trendle said the frequency of attacks on journalists was increasing.

At least 51 journalists and media workers have been killed this year, including Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, according to the International Committee to Protect Journalists.

“Attacks on the freedom, the profession and the practitioners of the media are increasing around the world,” said Mr Trendle. “This is happening at the very moment when the need for professional journalism is greater than ever.

“That need is because journalists have a critical role to play in reporting and informing us all about what is happening in the world. Yet journalism cannot play this crucial civic role if our reporters are being killed, our offices bombed and our freedom to publish and broadcast trampled.”

He added: “It is critical for all of us that journalism is not silenced, suppressed or sidelined anywhere in the world. An attack on a journalist anywhere, is an attack on journalism everywhere.”