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Former RTM presenter Constance Haslam passes away

(Photo: Constance Haslam Behr / Facebook)

Constance Haslam, one of Radio Television Malaysia’s most popular presenters from the 1960s onwards, has died at the age of 77.

Ms Haslam died in Versailles, France, where she had lived with her husband Erwin Behr for many years, the New Strait Times reports.

Known as one of the “golden voices” of Malaysian radio, she spent more than two decades as a presenter on Radio 4, now known as Traxx FM. She also read the English news on TV2 in the 1980s.

Described by fans as “cheerful, chirpy and informative”, she was best known for her morning radio segments.

The news website Free Malaysia Today described Ms Haslam as one of Malaysian radio’s “pioneer good morning girls” and said she had left a mark as one of the most listened to and trusted voices.

After leaving RTM in 1990, Ms Haslam joined Redifussion Radio for two years and served in its public relations division. She and her husband Erwin Behr later moved to Singapore and eventually to France.