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The ABU News Group adopts member recommendations

Asiavision members have agreed to adopt a range of measures to increase the appeal of the video news exchange.

They include ending the 30-day restriction on usage, unless otherwise specified, and the inclusion of ready-to-broadcast reporter packages. Asiavision will also promote stories on climate change and sustainable development, and provide briefings and training on climate change issues.

The Director of ABU News, Deborah Steele, told members the changes had been requested by members and would increase usage, including by digital platform producers.

The chair of the ABU News Group Indra Singh said ready to broadcast packages would help ease the workload at newsrooms hard hit by COVID budget and staff cuts.

The ABU News Group adopted the recommendations at its first face-to-face meeting since 2019, which was held on 3 October at the Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi. The meeting was co-hosted by Prasar Bharati.

Asiavision Senior Editor Afruh Rasheed also gained members support to implement a mechanism for live crosses and to increase the number of stories with a ‘shelf life’, including high quality vision on cultural events, human interest stories and issues-based journalism on health, environment, science, innovation and tourism.