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Government minister highlights the importance of Prasar Bharati in times of crisis

India’s Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Dr L. Murugan, has emphasised the role of public broadcasters in providing true and trusted news.

Speaking at the opening of the Global News Forum in New Delhi, Dr Murugan said journalism was the fourth pillar of democracy.

He said Prasar Bharati played a crucial role at times of crisis, because of its services across the country and people’s trust in its news.

More than 170 people attended the Global News Forum, which was organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union in association with Prasar Bharati. The theme was Truth and Trust at Times of Crisis.

It was the first time the event has been held in India.

In his welcoming address the CEO of Prasar Bharati, Shri Mayank Kumar Agrawal, highlighted Prasar Bharati’s response to COVID-19: protecting staff, providing information and overcoming vaccine hesitancy and disinformation.

“We in Prasar Bharati – its two arms Doordarshan and All India Radio – we have lived up to the highest standards of public broadcasting. We have been valued by the people of India and the world around for our objectivity, our impartiality and being true while presenting news,” he said.

He added: “When fake news was spreading faster than the pandemic, there was another pandemic which was the information pandemic. It was Doordarshan and All India Radio that came and busted fake news in real time.”

The Global News Forum was attended by public broadcasters and journalists from across the Asia Pacific region.