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MEASAT produces film on satellite communications in Malaysia

MEASAT Global Berhad, Malaysia’s premier satellite operator, has produced a documentary highlighting the history of satellite communications in the country.

The 40-minute film, titled ‘It Started with a “Beep”’, looks at the role of satellite communications in Malaysia over the past three decades including the impact of the new MEASAT-3d satellite.

The film also features three distinct characters from different backgrounds, shining a spotlight on how satellite-enabled communications services enhance their daily lives.

The film premiered on several channels of IPTV provider Astro in early October in conjunction with World Space Week 2022, aligned with this year’s theme of “Space and Sustainability”.

The theme highlights the benefits of space technology in supporting sustainable development on Earth and the need to keep space and its exploration safe and sustainable for the years ahead.

The documentary is now available via the Astro on Demand service and Astro GO for a year until 5 October 2023.