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Nepali fans will have to pay up to watch 2022 World Cup

Nepali football fans will have to shell out extra money to watch the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, The Kathmandu Post reports.

Viewers in many countries will watch the matches on free-to-air TV but Media Hub, which has obtained exclusive broadcasting rights in Nepal, said that in addition to a subscription fee, viewers may have to pay an additional charge of Rs500 (US$3.75) per set-top box.

It said advertisements would usually cover the cost of the broadcast but this year viewers might have to pay extra because of the high cost of broadcast rights and a slowdown in the advertising market.

“A pay channel will be created separately, and viewers will have to pay to unlock it. We believe the amount is affordable,” Siddhartha Dhital, marketing director at Media Hub, said Consumer rights activists say the additional charge is an “unfair trade practice”.