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Japan’s TBS aims to license TV dating show format

(Photo: TBS)

Japanese broadcaster Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) has unveiled the format of its dating show ‘LOVE by A.I.’ (Artificial Intelligence) at MIPCON 2022 in Cannes, France.

The pilot of the show aired on TBS in June. In it, two daters are introduced to their “ideal” partner selected by artificial intelligence and begin to date to see if AI is able to find them true love.

TBS collaborated with Smart Dog Media on the creation of the show and is hoping the format will be picked up by broadcasters in other countries. MIPCON is a leading TV content market.

The founder and CEO of Smart Dog Media, Craig Plestis, said that at its core, ‘LOVE by A.I.’ was the ultimate fusion of science and heart. The format was flexible and could be tailored to each individual market.

Producer Takuya Matsubara of TBS’ Content Production Division said: “I believe “LOVE by A.I.’ explores the contemporary theme of how humans should associate with AI through dating and hope this cutting-edge dating show format will spread all across the world.”

Mr Matsubara and Mr Plestis introduced the format at a MIPCON international breakfast on 18 October.