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Call for Sabah to have its own TV station

(Photo: Daily Express)

An NGO representing two of the largest indigenous ethnic groups in the East Malaysian state of Sabah has called on the state government to set up its own television station.

It said Sabah should follow the lead of the other East Malaysian state, Sarawak, which launched its own TV station, TVS, two years ago, the Borneo Post reports.

Simon Malubii (pictured), Vice President of Pekadin, which represents the Kadazandusun and Murut groups, said the time had come for the Sabah government to make a paradigm shift in the broadcasting arena by making TV Sabah a reality.

He said the move would promote the unique character of the culture and art of peoples of different races in Sabah, which had over 36 races and sub-ethnic groups who always lived in in peace and harmony.

The station could also be a platform to showcase the talents of Sabahans who were making a name for themselves both within and outside the country, Mr Malubii said.

“At the same time, it also opens up opportunities for producers of drama and visual content from Sabah, especially in promoting the uniqueness of the state’s community culture.”

TVS (formerly TV Sarawak) provides news and programming to the state and other parts of Malaysia. It can be watched nationwide via the platform Astro and myFreeview on channel 122.