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Japan’s NHK wins Prix Italia Special Prize

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has won a prize at one of the world’s most prestigious international events for television, radio, and web content, the Prix Italia contest.

The online project ‘What’s Happening in Myanmar?’ won the Students’ Jury Special Prize in the web competition, which encompasses websites, apps, social media and games. The award ceremony was held in Bari, Italy, on 7 October.

The jurors praised ‘What’s Happening in Myanmar?’ for being an example of “strong trans-media production”. They described it as “sharply focused on a topic of great social relevance”.

They commended it for “covering the ongoing crisis, well beyond the first emotional response” and called it “a pinnacle of Public Service”.

Since the military seized power in Myanmar in February 2021, civilians have risked their lives to take videos and photos of the crackdown.

NHK launched the ‘What’s Happening in Myanmar?’ project as a way to collect and publicly archive citizen-shot videos and other images that may otherwise not be seen.

The project also verifies and analyses the images to clarify what’s happening on the ground.

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