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FBC-Fiji’s Diwali Dhoom is back

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation’s Diwali Dhoom event is back after a lapse of two years.

The event celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights, will be aired on two FBC radio stations, Mirchi FM and Radio Fiji Two.

Fijians will once again be able to showcase their talent and skills through this event, which will be held in Suva on 29 October.

Mirchi FM’s Program Director, Ashneel Singh, said various groups that will take part in Diwali Dhoom are ramping up their preparations.

“After Diwali will be the best time to treat yourself and your family members. The multicultural event will feature traditional dancers, local tik tokers, singers, and famous radio personalities.

“Fijians will also be able to showcase their skills in competitions such as thali, rangoli, and kids’ poster competitions.”

Radio Fiji Two Senior Presenter Dipti Ben said diversity and inclusion would be on display at the event, which would include various competitions and giveaways.