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KBS pledges careful coverage of US-Korea ties

(Photo: KBS)

Korean public broadcaster KBS has reaffirmed its commitment to careful coverage of Korea-US relations.

KBS’ President and CEO Kim Eui-chul made the pledge during a meeting with Philip S. Goldberg, US Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, at KBS headquarters in Seoul on 1 November.

Mr Kim focused on KBS’ pivotal public mission to serve the nation with trusted, reliable news and information.

“The two countries are long-standing allies. KBS fully understands the critical importance of Korea-U.S. relations and continues efforts to take a careful and cautious approach to KBS’ reports on issues concerned,” he said.

Mr Kim also spoke of KBS’ operation of overseas correspondents and international broadcasting services in the US.

“We have our KBS journalists reporting from three different places in the US, Washington D.C., New York and L.A.

“These KBS foreign correspondents serve our audiences with stories of everyday lives from America and help enhance our understanding on the region and its people.

“We also have international broadcasting services, KBS World TV and KBS America, which deliver quality programmes created by KBS for audiences in the US, including those Korean immigrants in America.”

Mr Goldberg took up the post of Ambassador to Seoul in July 2022.