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Indonesian, Thai versions of Chinese film shown on TV

Indonesian and Thai versions of a Chinese feature film, ‘Classics Quoted by Xi Jinping’, are being shown on television in the two countries.

China Media Group collaborated with two television stations in Indonesia and Thailand to produce the feature film that presents classic sayings and traditional stories, Xinhua news agency reports.

In the film, China’s President demonstrates his deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture and shares his insights on governing the world’s most populous nation, which is also one of the most culturally diverse.

CMG’s President and Editor-in-Chief, Shen Haixiong, said the film “will help people in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries gain a deeper understanding of China’s past, present and future”.

Meanwhile, ‘China on a New Journey’, a multi-language documentary on the country’s pursuit of modernisation, has started to make its debut on television in countries including Cambodia, India, Laos, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Türkiye.