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NHK-Japan joins TNI to combat disinformation

Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, says it has joined the Trusted News Initiative (TNI).

The TNI is an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organisations, led by the BBC, working together to stop the spread of disinformation where it poses risk of real-world harm.

Since its launch in 2019, the TNI partners have worked to quickly alert, discuss trends and solutions, offer media education and share knowledge.

Now, as a partner of the wider TNI, NHK will draw on its expertise to share best practices and findings with fellow news organisations and alert each other to the most dangerous forms of disinformation through the TNI cooperative network.

NHK considers disinformation as a serious threat to human life and democracy. Its TV programme, ‘Fake Busters’, focuses on the trends and insights about tackling disinformation.

Executive Director of NHK, Hayashi Rie, says: “As Tim Davie, BBC Director General, stated: this is a moment when a coalition of the willing is needed. I absolutely agree.

“As part of the Trusted News Initiative, NHK will work with our partners to fight disinformation and misinformation to deliver the best and most accurate information to our audience.”

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