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ABU Engineering Award winners announced

The 2022 ABU Engineering Awards were announced and presented on 26 November at the Technical Committee Meeting in New Delhi.

The winners of the four awards are:

ABU Engineering Award on SDGs Implementation (three joint winners)


For the innovative development of online broadcast service using the AI Multi-Language technology to reduce the inequality between people from different countries.

All India Radio & Doordarshan, Dibrugarh Prasar Bharati

For establishing broadcasting infrastructure within the AIR-Dibrugarh using energy-efficient systems while promoting and preserving existing environment & ecosystem.

The Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute RTPRC-China

For leading the development of Oriental Movie Metropolis while focusing on the ecological & environmental protection, energy conservation, and other sustainable development methods. 


Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award:

Mr Cui Jianwei, China Media Group

For his outstanding innovation in the implementation of a new development strategy promoting new technologies such as 4K/8K, 5G & Al.


Engineering Industry Excellence Award:

Qiao Xiaoyan, Wasu Media Holding Co., Ltd., RTPRC-China

For her distinguished leadership and breakthrough innovation in developing interactive TV for Smart Home & Smart City implementation towards realisation of ”Digital China” and ”Digitalisation Reform”.


Developing Broadcasters’ Excellence Award:

Mr Udaya Krishna Shrestha, Radio Broadcasting Service Radio Nepal (RNE)

For his outstanding contribution to the implementation of digital audio archiving system, expansion of FM transmission and his work towards digitalisation of radio in Nepal.