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Serving audiences in times of crisis

A practical workshop on the challenges facing public service broadcasters in times of crisis and how to meet them was a highlight of a daylong Quality Management Workshop on 27 November.

Held as part of the ABU’s annual meetings in New Delhi, the meeting was conducted by David Balme, CEO, Challenge Optimum SA.

It looked at how quality management can contribute to continuously optimising content design and production.

Speaking on a live link from Canada, Michel Lemay, an expert in strategic communication, offered valuable insights into how broadcasters can best serve their audiences by ensuring their news coverage is accurate and objective.

He described how to frame a news story to make it more understandable. It was important to speak to all sides in a crisis, he said, including those who appeared to contradict the main narrative.

Mr Lemay urged reporters to avoid making premature judgements about who were the heroes and villains in a crisis without knowing the full picture.