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ABU members have passed pandemic test, says SG

ABU members have passed the test of the COVID pandemic with flying colours by sticking to the core values of public service media, the Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, has told the General Assembly.

Describing the pandemic as a test for public trust in media, he said the ratings of members had increased because they had shown independence, impartiality and accuracy.

“The public domain has changed drastically. The turbulence of our time requires a fundamental shift in our thinking and re-considering how to serve and engage our audiences.

“People are worried in the face of natural disasters, political calamities, wars and economic crises. Like never before, they need accurate information from trusted sources.”

Dr Mottaghi said the technological revolution was also shaping inequalities between countries and people.

“We are witnessing now not only a growing economic divide between countries but also a divide between ‘digital haves’ and ‘digital have nots’ in terms of access to digital technologies and digital literacy.

“Yes, the challenges are overwhelming, but we have proven during COVID that together we can turn the new challenges into new opportunities.”

He said the pandemic had strengthened the bond among ABU members. Through cooperation and the introduction of new regional initiatives, the ABU had reached a new level of service to its members.