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NHK leads tribute to Dr Javad Mottaghi

The ABU President, Masagaki Satoru of NHK-Japan, has led a tribute to the outgoing Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, after the ABU annual meetings concluded in New Delhi.

Dr Mottaghi has served as Secretary-General since 2010 and completes his service at the end of March 2023. The tribute took place at the NHK reception for delegates on 30 November.

Mr Masagaki praised Dr Mottaghi’s dedicated service to the ABU and presented him with a gift. A video highlighted his years of service.

Also paying tribute were former ABU President Yoshinori Imai, NHK Executive Controller, General Media Administration, Akinori Hashimoto, Akhtar Viqar Azim of HUM TV-Pakistan and Francis Herman of VBTC-Vanuatu.

Dr Mottaghi, who had earlier been appointed an ABU Honorary Councillor and given a lifetime achievement award, said he was touched by the “beautiful and moving” presentation.

“In my new capacity as a lecturer and scholar in a Canadian university, I will continue to support the ABU family in any way I can.

“The lifetime achievement award means a lifetime commitment to the Union that I love.”