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Asiavision members welcome live crosses

The addition of live crosses to the Asiavision service brief has been welcomed by members, at the final Editors-In-Chief meeting for the year.

The first live cross was conducted at the APEC Summit in Bangkok in November.  ThaiPBS provided a live cross to ABS-CBN Philippines.

The decision to facilitate live crosses was made at the 2022 News Group Meeting on October 3, at the request of Asiavision members.

The December Editors-in-Chief meeting assessed the roll-out of the initiative with feedback from members on how to improve coordination. Members agreed that Asiavision should continue to coordinate and facilitate live crosses.

The Editor-in-Chief of ThaiPBS, Kiratikorn Naksompop Blauw, noted that the crosses benefit members by providing an important opportunity for reporters to develop and improve their live cross skills, as well as their knowledge of specific issues.

Hector Bryant L. Macale, Head of News Production at ABS-CBS Philippines, noted that with proper planning, the initiative would elevate the news bulletins of members.

Members agreed to notify the Asiavision team of events and stories from where they could provide a reporter for a live cross, and to supply anchor questions well in advance of a scheduled cross.

Reporter packages and as-live pieces to camera (PTC’s) are also now part of Asiavision, following the Delhi News Group meeting.