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KBS World TV creates special show with Asian stars

(Photo: KBS)

Korea’s KBS World TV has released a special show featuring stars and artists from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea.

The programme titled ‘Tripmate: Who Are You?’ premiered on KBS World TV on 19 November and will be broadcast in 142 countries.

In the show, K-pop stars meet artists from the other countries for the first time as tripmates in South Korea.

It was created with financial support from the Korea Creative Content Agency and produced when most countries closed their borders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The stars from different countries embark on unpredictable trips to Jeju Island, Namhae and Yangyang without any prior information about their trip mates to build new friendships as they overcome the language barrier.

The celebrities include Yoon Bomi and Kim Nam-joo from K-pop girl group Apink, Vietnamese actress Jun Vu, Afgansyah Reza, a famous singer from Indonesia, and Jaylerr, a Thai actor, singer and model.