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TVNZ and RNZ report growth ahead of merger

(Photo: 1News)

New Zealand’s public broadcasters TVNZ and RNZ have both reported digital growth ahead of a government plan to merge them in March 2023.

Speaking to a select committee at parliament, both broadcasters said they were prepared for a merger but remained driven to serve their audiences, TVNZ’s 1News reports.

TVNZ chairperson Andy Coupe described the last financial year as one of “change and opportunity” with a total revenue of NZ$341 million (US$214 million) and 22 percent year-on-year growth in revenue from digital platforms.

Mr Coupe said TVNZ+, the ad-funded free streaming platform, had a “significantly growing” audience and content offering.

RNZ chairperson Dr Jim Mather reported RNZ National radio station had grown its listener share in a “very competitive” market and the organisation’s website hit a record 982,000 visits in June.

An operational deficit of NZ$1.3 million was reported, with Dr Mather saying this reflected challenges in meeting consumer expectations with the current business model.

Afterwards, Dr Mather said he was confident the merger would go ahead.

“I’ve heard nothing to the contrary and all of our planning is on the basis that it’s still on track,” he said.