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BTV-Bangladesh celebrates 58th anniversary

(Photo: The Business Standard)

Bangladesh Television is celebrating its 58th anniversary with a range of special programmes.

The national broadcaster marked the anniversary on 25 December. It is celebrating with programmes including a cultural performance at its headquarters in Dhaka featuring noted singers and actors, The Business Standard reports.

Celebrating the anniversary, the Broadcasting Minister, Dr Hasan Mahmud, said: “Since 1964, the role of BTV in nurturing our tradition, in enriching our art-culture, in building the country is really undeniable.”

The Director General, Shohrab Hossain, said BTV had long been playing a vital role in disseminating news and informative programmes on agriculture, industry, the economy and education, and broadcasting programmes highlighting the war of independence.

BTV was launched in 1964 as a station of Pakistan Television. It changed its name to Bangladesh Television when the country won its independence in 1971.

It operates two main television stations in Dhaka and Chittagong, with 14 relay stations transmitting its service throughout Bangladesh.