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VOV-Vietnam welcomes contest winners at last

(Photo: Hoa Thuy Nguyen)

Vietnam’s public radio broadcaster, VOV, has finally welcomed two of the winners of its competition “What do you know about Vietnam?” – more than two years after the contest took place.

VOV5 staged the contest in 2020 and announced the winners in October that year, with a visit to Vietnam as the prize for the top three winners.

The three were to have come to Vietnam in 2021 but their trips were delayed by the Covid pandemic.

The second-place winner, Rabi Sankar Bosu of India, and the third-place winner, C.R. Nurdin of Indonesia, are now in Vietnam at last and have been given a big welcome at VOV.

In 2023, VOV will host the competition’s first prize winner, Johny Antonio Ramirez Lopez of Peru.