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Australia’s SBS to play the chillest 100 songs

(Image: SBS)

Australian broadcaster SBS is counting down the chillest 100 songs to help everyone start 2023 in a relaxing way.

The songs have been chosen by listeners and will be played on SBS Radio’s Chill channel on 1 January.

“We’re excited to celebrate the new year with our listeners who have voted for their top songs – we’ll be counting down all 100 songs from noon on New Years’ Day,” said Rob Miller, Music Producer of SBS Chill.

SBS Chill is the destination for downtempo, electronic, lo fi grooves, playing a breadth of artists from around the world and featuring unsigned DJs, producers and musicians.

The line-up at SBS Chill is curated to be so relaxed even office workers and students can listen on a loop all day.

“Every year we’ve seen SBS Chill grow and we’ve had amazing feedback from listeners who listen all day while they work or study – teachers have even tuned in to encourage mindfulness in the classroom,” Mr Miller said.

SBS Chill can be heard outside Australia on the SBS Radio app.