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Malaysia’s RTM ‘continues to play important role’

(Photo: Teo Nie Ching – Facebook)

Malaysia’s national broadcaster, RTM, remains the main medium for the government in disseminating true and authentic information to the people, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital, Teo Nie Ching, has said.

Ms Teo was speaking during a visit to RTM’s headquarters at Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur, Bernama news agency reports.

“RTM plays a very important role, especially in helping the government to disseminate true and authentic information to the people free of charge because there are other platforms available out there (offering the same services) but for a fee,” she told reporters.

“So that’s why RTM becomes the main platform for the government.

“I’m impressed to see the various channels offered by RTM, not only television channels, but also national and state radio channels in various languages, to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Ms Teo said digitisation of information dissemination was also paramount and in line with RTM’s goals and objectives.