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Poll shows support for RNZ/TVNZ merger

The latest opinion poll shows more New Zealanders support the planned merger of public broadcasters RNZ and TVNZ than oppose it.

The Research NZ poll found 60 percent support the merger and 40 percent don’t support it, among those who had an opinion, Scoop reports.

The poll was commissioned by Better Public Media Trust, which works to improve broadcasting and media in New Zealand.

Including the ‘don’t knows’ the results were:
44 percent support
29 percent don’t support
26 percent don’t know

The government plans to merge RNZ and TVNZ into an entity called Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media (ANZPM) in March 2023.

“This result shows considerable support for the ANZPM policy, considering the high levels of negative reporting and opinion pieces over the last few weeks,” said Myles Thomas, Chair of the Better Public Media Trust.

“With a little more information about the merger, including the cost and the purpose for it, New Zealanders are more supportive of this policy.”

The new poll differs from a Taxpayers Union poll on the same subject, taken in early November, which found 54 percent opposed and 22 percent supported the merger, with 24 percent unsure.