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KBS President reaffirms commitment to national unity

(Photo: KBS)

The President and CEO of Korean public broadcaster KBS, Kim Eui-chul, has reaffirmed the broadcaster’s firm commitment to national unity and trust.

In his new year speech to KBS staff on 2 January, Mr Kim said KBS would continue the policy of bringing the nation together through trusted services.

“KBS remains the most trusted source of news in the country. A lighthouse always guards its place,” he said. “KBS will also make efforts to create a public forum for open, fair and free discussions.”

Mr Kim said KBS would mark its 50th anniversary in 2023 with a range of special projects. These include:

  • Unveiling its new corporate identity design in March, the first change of its brand image since its foundation 50 years ago
  • Hosting the 2023 ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings in Seoul
  • Producing special programming on the history of KBS and its public broadcasting over 50 years
  • Selecting and reviewing 50 people who have contributed to KBS

During the staff address, Mr Kim also stressed his new year’s priorities:

  • To secure independence and autonomy in production
  • To enhance fairness
  • To develop creative strategies to generate diverse sources of income
  • To make bold investment and strengthen content competitiveness
  • Rapid decision-making and implementation
  • Data-based management, reform of organisational culture