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Indonesians urged to buy certified set-top boxes

(Photo: CNN Indonesia)

Indonesia’s Communication and Informatics Ministry has advised people to buy only certified set-top boxes so they can watch digital broadcasts without interruption, Antara News Agency reports.

If a set-top box is not certified by the ministry, there can be no guarantee of the device’s technical abilities and standards, the Director of Broadcasting at the ministry, Geryantika Kurnia, said.

A set-top box without a certificate will not have a warranty from the manufacturer and may not have the features offered by digital television broadcasts, such as disaster early warnings, the ministry said.

The certification label can be found on the packaging and the device.

If a set-top box has received a certification from the ministry, it means that it has met the technical requirements, including one on the use of Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial Second Generation (DVB-T2) technology that is the standard for digital television broadcasts in Indonesia.

Certified set-top boxes can receive the digital radio frequency in Indonesia and can accept and show disaster early warnings on the television screen.

Indonesia is migrating to digital TV, with analogue broadcasts already switched off in some places.