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Malaysian government ‘wants to improve digital literacy’

(Photo: Bernama)

The Malaysian government has said it wants to improve digital literary to help people obtain authentic information online, especially from sources like the national broadcaster RTM.

The Deputy Communications and Digital Minister, Teo Nie Ching, made the remark during a visit to RTM’s offices in the southern state of Johor on 8 January, the New Straits Times reports.

She said police were investigating seven social media posts involving the alleged spread of fake news and racial hatred since 1 December.

However, the government did not intend to restrict the public’s access to the digital world through the various social media platforms available today. Instead it was trying to raise community awareness to stop the spread of fake news.

“Freedom of speech is an important feature that supports a democratic system. As a democratic country, I believe that every citizen has the freedom to express opinions and criticism,” Ms Teo said.

The government wanted to educate and improve digital literacy so that people would take their information from sources such as RTM, the national news agency Bernama and the Department of Information.