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China launches first news programme on metaverse

(Photo: SMG)

‘Morning Metaverse,’ China’s first news programme about the metaverse, went to air on Dragon TV on 8 January.

The weekly programme, presented by Shanghai Media Group, is hosted by virtual compere Shen Xiaoya, the Shanghai Daily reports.

The digital animated news anchor has shown up in live news reports for important events such as the China International Import Expo and China International Cartoon & Game Expo.

The virtual host will share the latest information and trends about the metaverse every Sunday morning in the new programme.

She will also interpret China’s new policies regarding the flourishing metaverse industry.

The metaverse is the concept of a digital reality where people gather to socialise, work and interact virtually. It blends aspects of social media with various new technologies like cloud computing, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).