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AVN shares 15,470 items in 2022

A tally of items uploaded to the ABU’s Asiavision video news exchange shows 15,470 stories were shared between members in 2022.

That equates to more than 42 items a day, or 297 per week.

In the last quarter of 2022, there was an average of more than 300 items a week. Members exchanged 1,282 items in October, 1400 in November and 1390 in December.  The top contributors were VTV Vietnam (719), TVRI Indonesia (626), DDI India (476) CCTV China (460), and NHK Japan (377).

About 47 percent of items during the quarter were same-day stories. TVB Hong Kong, TPBS Thailand,  BTV Bangladesh, TRT Türkiye, SLRC Sri Lanka, DDI India, NHK Japan and VTV Vietnam led the same-day coverage, with Asiavision’s newest member MTV Sri Lanka also contributing a majority of their items on the same day.