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China Media Group prepares for 2023 Spring Festival Gala

(Photo: CCTV – screenshot)

China Media Group has held the third rehearsal for its 2023 Spring Festival Gala.

More rehearsals are scheduled before the gala airs on the eve of the Lunar New Year on 21 January, CCTV reports.

The gala will feature a mix of performances ranging from singing and dancing to comedy sketches, acrobatics and magic shows.

Saturday’s broadcast will mark the 41st gala, with some art forms being showcased for the first time to enrich the event.

Nanyin, an ancient music originating in the southern regions of Fujian province, will be featured for the first time, the China Daily reports.

An entertainer from Taiwan and a band from the Chinese mainland will give the nanyin performance, which will showcase the charm of China’s cultural heritage.

New technologies, such as augmented, virtual and extended reality, will be used widely during the gala for visual and audio effects and to give the audience an immersive experience.

People can also watch the gala on big screens in squares in about 500 cities across the country.