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Mediacorp refreshes its logos

(Photo: Mediacorp)

As part of its continual efforts to deepen engagement with audiences, Singapore’s Mediacorp will roll out refreshed logos for its suite of digital, free-to-air and audio platforms and products on 1 February 2023.

The striking new visual identity will consist of Mediacorp’s “M” prefix featured prominently in the individual logos, each rendered in a sleek, single or dual-colour scheme.

This eye-catching design aims to drive all audience interactions and communications back to the main Mediacorp brand, strengthening its collective presence and showcasing the extensive reach of the entire media network through a harmonised and unified look.

In keeping with the rich heritage and strong brand equity Mediacorp has built over the years, the core design of each individual product has been retained but updated using a bold approach for maximum impact in today’s digital-first environment.

This has been achieved by streamlining the logos using a modern and mono- or dichromatic 2D effect, while maintaining the composition and colour palette of the products – signalling Mediacorp’s continual evolution in staying ahead of new trends and technologies, while staying true to the brand that audiences are familiar with.

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